Constellation Partners

Lyrid empowers global partners to earn multi millions through the Lyrid Platform's infrastructure, data, and analytics solutions. These partners help unify your data for richer insights. Join trailblazers in software, security, and consulting leaders to boost productivity and grow businesses with Lyrid.

The benefits of Constellation Partners

When you join Constellation Partners, you gain access to powerful resources that will help grow your business today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Expand your tech capabilities

Elevate your offering with Lyrid’s  hybrid cloud platform for high performance infrastructure. Watch your customers scale up with next-gen technology like Kubernetes or any app in our solution marketplace.

Global lead generation

Get qualified leads in your existing region or even new geographic regions with Lyrid’s Global Sales Partner network.

Marketing muscle

We’ll work with you on case studies, events, webinars, and more to increase awareness for your services.

Earn commission

On our selected partner tier and above, you will gain access to earning lucrative commission on Lyrid products.

Early access to features

Be among the first to access new features and integrations.

No engineering work

We will quickly build an integration between our platform and yours.

Built for growth

Partners play a crucial role in introducing technology teams to Lyrid and providing solutions that help them build, deploy, and manage their infrastructure.

“We must stay at the forefront of innovation while demystifying and competing with cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Digital Ocean. We love that Lyrid accelerates our existing offerings with their innovative solutions. ''
Aron Wagner
CEO of American Cloud

Partner tiers with your best interest in mind


Partner Tier Level


Annual Revenue Commitment
5% Lyrid Commission
Branding on the Lyrid Website
Expand your capabilities

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Partner Tier Level


Annual Revenue Commitment
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10% Lyrid Commission
Branding on the Lyrid Website
Exclusive Private Region
Free Lyrid Infrastructure Credits
Partner Account Manager
Co-Marketing Initiatives
Billing API
Pre-Sales Engagement
Quarterly Content Contribution
Expand your capabilities
Lyrid's Managed Cloud Suite
Lyrid's product suite accompanies you and your customers throughout your journey, whether you prefer a self-service approach or seek engineering assistance from our expert team.
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Managed Hosting
Lyrid is a fully-managed cloud hosting solution built with speed, flexibility, and performance in mind.
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Lyrid's containers ensure consistent and predictable application execution across diverse environments.
Lyrid's Kubernetes automation is a fully-managed orchestration engine, offering unmatched speed and simplicity.
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App Deployment
Build and deploy apps without managing infrastructure with Lyrid’s Platform Engineering solutions.
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Managed databases
Let us manage your MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis databases while you focus on your apps' development and growth.
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Store your data while enjoying faster page loads, improved performance, and save on infrastructure and bandwidth costs.
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