Managed kubernetes

Goodbye to complex
Kubernetes setups

Future-proof your app with scalable architecture from the get-go. Launch production-ready Kubernetes in seconds, effortlessly scaling your app to meet soaring demand.

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Unleash the full potential of containerized applications with our fully-managed Kubernetes orchestration engine, offering unmatched speed and simplicity.
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Effortlessly Deploy and Manage Kubernetes

No escaping the truth: Kubernetes is tough. But at Lyrid, we're dedicated to making Kubernetes easy and affordable for businesses everywhere.

Resource Max

Get the most out of your resources with automatic container distribution for maximum efficiency.

Cluster Scale

Scale your clusters to meet demand with real-time resource creation and destruction and efficient node pool management.

No Extra Fees

Pay only for compute instances, node balancers, and block storage volumes - no extra management fees.

Cluster Flow

Manage your Lyrid Kubernetes cluster directly through our API and easily move your existing applications and workloads.

App Deploy

Easily deploy popular applications using Helm charts, Operators, and Controllers while integrating with a range of open-source ecosystem tools.

Cluster Cost Optimization

Lyrid analyzes and adjusts your resource usage to eliminate wasted resources and unnecessary costs.

Lyrid makes cloud computing..






Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning Made Easy

Automated Cluster Setup
Provisioning a Kubernetes cluster is complex and time-consuming process. Lyrid helps you install and configure multiple components, such as the Kubernetes control plane, worker nodes, networking, and storage effortlessly.
LYRID CLUSTER autoscaler

Autoscaling for Mission-Critical Workloads

Automated Cluster Scaler
Sick of manual scaling? Let Kubernetes horizontal autoscaling handle it for you. It dynamically adjusts instance count based on resource usage, freeing you from the hassle of manual scaling.
cluster analytics

End-to-end visibility for every cluster

Single Pane of Glass
Managing multiple tools and systems for app deployment across different environments can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and difficulties in monitoring and control. With a centralized dashboard, you can fine-tune your app release process.
cluster customization

Enhance your Kubernetes set-up

Kubernetes 1-Click Apps
Access a range of apps and stacks for pre-configured containers, empowering you to optimize your Kubernetes cluster like never before. Our simple, easy-to-install solutions allow you to enhance your containerized workloads and streamline your deployment process.

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customer success story
Woilo's migration to Kubernetes Microservices: Unleashing performance and scalability
“Lyrid's expertise in managing Kubernetes was invaluable in helping us transition to microservices. With their guidance and support, we were able to improve our performance and scalability, ultimately leading to a better experience for our customers. We couldn't be happier with the results!”
90% ↓ App Crash
Woilo increased user engagement by 40% after migration to a Lyrid managed Kubernetes cluster.