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Reliable database
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Say goodbye to the headache of database administration and hello to building great apps with ease. Let us handle the complexity of setting up, backing up, and updating your database.

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Fully-Managed MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases for Production-Ready Solutions
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Deploy high performance databases

Store your data securely in the cloud and access it with ease while enjoying high-speed file transfers. Lyrid simplifies managing unstructured data, including content assets and storage for memory-intensive workloads, with cost-effective solutions that make life easier.

RapidDeploy Database

Deploy a production-ready database quickly and easily using the Lyrid Cloud Manager, API, or CLI. Our simple and fast deployment process allows you to get started in no time.

SecureGuard Database

Keep your data safe with our secure access feature. Add trusted sources to ensure that your database is only accessed by specific IP addresses, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

BackupHero Database

Protect yourself from data loss with our daily backup solution. Our automated system takes snapshots of your data every 24 hours, ensuring that you can easily restore your information in case of unexpected incidents.

FlexiScale Database

Our flexible plans allow you to choose the best database instance that fits your needs. Choose from Shared, Dedicated, and High Memory instances to support your database.

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quick setup

Quick Databases Setup & Maintenance

Database Deploy
Create and deploy a database quickly and easily, without the need for manual configuration and maintenance. This feature streamlines the process of managing a database, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or mis-configurations.
Connection pooling

Efficiently Manage PostgreSQL Client Connections

Client Connections
Lyrid's hassle-free database solution effectively manages client connections, so your program can handle many users without slowing down.

Empower Your MongoDB Database with Advanced Analytics

Database Analytics
Don't overlook crucial insights and opportunities. Unleash valuable business intelligence through our tailored analytics capabilities designed specifically for your MongoDB database requirements.
free backups

Never Lose Data Again with lyrid regular backups

Frequent Data Backups
Your data is important to us, so we automatically back it up every day. If anything goes wrong, you can restore your data to any point within the last week.

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customer success story
From Storage Woes to Saving Heroes: NDC Ministry’s Kubernetes Storage Migration Success with Lyrid
“We really believe in and rely on Lyrid as our partner. Our database and storage migration to Kubernetes was seamless thanks to Lyrid. They  helped us save money, gain control of our infrastructure and increased security.”
Seamless Migration
NDC’s switch to their local dedicated Kubernetes cluster increased control and security.

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