lyrid community event

Your Tech Matters

A community event which connecting tech industries and startups in Indonesia to exchange insights, ideas, solutions, and at the same time expanding their network

We aim to elevate Your Tech Matters event by welcoming VCs and stakeholder alike into our community, offering an exclusive gateway to connect with high-potential startups and unlock a world of groundbreaking opportunities.

High enthusiasm with more than 300 registrants, only 85 were carefully selected by curating the application process.


We seek to enhance the highest value for all attendees and our partners

Relationship Building

The event facilitates the development of authentic professional relationships. Attendees can connect on a personal level, getting to know each other beyond their professional roles. This can lead to more meaningful and enduring business partnerships.

Unwinding While Networking

The event offers a unique combination of relaxation and networking. Participants can enjoy the event over dinner, while still having the opportunity to meet and talk with potential collaborators or partners. It's an ideal environment for making connections!

Elevated Brand Exposure

All of the participants get the opportunity to present their company, business, products, ideas, or solutions, enhancing brand visibility and awareness within the community.
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