APP deployment

Deploy code to the
cloud a single click

Instant infrastructure, fully-managed for you.  See how fast you can deploy code using Lyrid’s pre-made templates.

App Deployment Platform
From infrastructure analytics, to app deployment and databases, see everything that Lyrid has to offer in the interactive tour below.
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Deploy your application effortlessly

Manual deployment is slow and can lead to mistakes due to repetitive and tedious tasks. Automating the deployment process with Lyrid helps speed up the process, while reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistency across environments.

Kickstart your Cloud Native journey

Kickstart your cloud-native journey with pre-configured templates, enabling you to focus on building great applications, not infrastructure.

Innovate with Confidence

Drive innovation by focusing on customer-centric feature development instead of wasting time on tedious infrastructure tasks.

Deploy your way

Tailor your deployment approach—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid—to perfectly match your unique requirements and preferences.

Accelerate time-to-market

Fast-track your production journey with clear DevOps separation, ensuring seamless app handoffs from development to production.

Lyrid makes cloud computing..





app management

A unified interface to manage your apps

Single Pane of Glass
Managing multiple tools and systems for app deployment across different environments can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and difficulties in monitoring and control. With a centralized dashboard, you can fine-tune your app release process.
iac in any language

Infrastructure as code in any language

Code with Comfort
Use the programming language and tools you're comfortable with to deploy your app in the cloud. With Lyrid, you can quickly and efficiently build and deploy your applications without the stress of learning a new language.
github one-click deploy

Simplify your integration challenges

Github One-Click Deploy
Eliminate the need for complex customization and configuration. Seamlessly integrate your GitHub repositories with Lyrid's cloud infrastructure.

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customer success story
How P3iD achieved unmatched portability, seamless integrations, and massive savings
“Lyrid's cloud-native platform is a game-changer for us. With Lyrid, we've achieved unparalleled portability across multiple cloud providers which enabled seamless integrations with partners in our ecosystem. The result has been significant cost savings and improved agility in our operations.”

- Kevin Neal
$100k contract opportunities
Lyrid powers P3iD to compete and win big in competitive contracts.