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Your Tech Matters

A community event which connecting tech industries and startups in Indonesia to exchange insights, ideas, solutions, and at the same time expanding their network

A Tech Community Gathering for Collaboration And Opportunities

about your tech matters

"Your Tech Matters" is a community event organized by Lyrid with the goal of creating an ecosystem and community in Indonesia that facilitates collaboration among technology companies. Lyrid's mission is to support the growth of the next generation of Indonesian tech firms through collaboration and innovation.

High enthusiasm with more than 300 registrants, only 85 were carefully selected by curating the application process.


We seek to enhance the highest value for all attendees and our partners

Expand Connections

Our company hosts community events that facilitate meaningful connections between tech industry leaders and startups, providing a platform for them to network and exchange valuable insights.

Networking Over Dinner

Participants can enjoy complimentary dinners while they are allowed to expand their professional networks, fostering a collaborative environment for industry leaders and budding entrepreneurs.

Elevated Brand Exposure

All of the participants get the opportunity to present their company, business, products, ideas, or solutions, enhancing brand visibility and awareness within the community.

Interactive Community Discussions

Our events feature engaging community discussions centered around relevant topics. Attendees also have the chance to share feedback and opinions, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions.

Grow with high-value community

Our community is made up of professionals all over Indonesia, who are driven to develop and grow their businesses and networking

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99 South Almaden Blvd. Suite 600
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Jl. Pluit Indah 168B-G, Pluit Penjaringan,
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