Elevating Tech Horizons: Lyrid.io and Bukalapak's Collaborative Year-End DevOps Engineer Event

Kezia Willona
4 minutes
January 9th, 2024
Kezia Willona
4 minutes
January 9th, 2024

The Last Your Tech Matters of 2023

To wrap up the “Your Tech Matters” series for 2023, we collaborated with Bukalapak to bring the “Buka Meet Up” – a special event that delved deep into the world of technology. Our grand finale for the year, known as "Buka Meet Up x Your Tech Matters," unfolded on the 22nd floor of Bukalapak's HQ Metropolitan Tower in Cilandak, South Jakarta, on the evening of Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Kicking off at 6:00 PM and wrapping up at 9:00 PM WIB.

Covering the topic "Simplifying CI/CD Workflow With DevOps Platform," the event had two key speakers: Mr. Hein Dewantara, a skilled Sr. DevOps Engineer from Bukalapak, and Mr. Caca Cahyadi, the Director of Lyrid Indonesia. They shared practical insights and tech industry wisdom, making the complex world of DevOps and engineering more accessible and engaging for the audience.

The event was a success, bringing together over 30 people and surpassing all expectations. With more than 130 interested and eager registrants, we made sure to confirm each participant's genuine interest in the specialized DevOps and engineering theme, ensuring a carefully selected audience ready to dive into the technical details. Despite this limitation, we’re hoping to expand the capacity of our “Your Tech Matters” events this year, making valuable technical knowledge readily available to anyone looking to learn.

This tech event came together in under a month, showcasing the detailed planning, preparation, and teamwork between Lyrid.io and the Bukalapak team. Lyrid.io took charge of creating all the marketing materials, while Bukalapak set up the venue, turning the Bukalapak HQ into a tech hub ready for conversation.

This collaborative endeavor marks the final technical DevOps & engineering event of the year, leaving an indelible mark. However, Lyrid has its sights set on the horizon, promising an even more compelling lineup of events in the coming year. The resounding success of "Buka Meet Up x Your Tech Matters" paves the way for a future brimming with innovation, knowledge-sharing, and community building.

"Your Tech Matters x Buka Meet Up” is the perfect finale for 2023. We are immensely grateful for the active participation and enthusiasm shown throughout the year from the technology community in Indonesia. We are committed to continuing such events, providing added value to professionals by organizing workshops and training, boosting professional community activities, offering reliable  and adequate infrastructure, as well as maintaining transparent and fixed infra costs to support the growth of the local cloud computing ecosystem, aligning with the vision of the Industry 4.0 revolution" – Caca Cahyadi, Director of Lyrid Indonesia.

As the new year begins, stay tuned for Lyrid’s forthcoming announcements and anticipate a tapestry of captivating events that promise to elevate the discourse within the tech community! To learn more about “Your Tech Matters’ and our past events, visit https://www.lyrid.io/ytm/your-tech-matters 

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