designed for agility

Impact from day one

Faster time-to-market
Less maintenance overhead
Lower IT spend
Additional engineer headcount
Infrastructure efficiency
All-in-one infrastructure
automation for platform teams
Lyrids helps cloud platform engineering teams deliver better business outcomes as they provision, secure, manage, and run cloud infrastructure.

Start automating in seconds

Automate cloud infrastructure deployment and management and save 15 hours per week on non-dev tasks.
Create and set-up infrastructure across public clouds or on-premise
Automate deployment and management (VMs and Kubernetes clusters)
Enable developer self-service to avoid manual tasks
Scale infrastructure automatically based on demand


Optimize cloud costs

Save up to 60% on your next cloud bill and maintain peak performance in every situation.
Affordable local data center networking
Remove unused capacity via automated downscaling
40% more storage per dollar spent


Power-up applications

With Lyrid's Solution Marketplace - our preconfigured templates, 1-click Helm deployments, and SaaS Add-Ons make it easy for you to customize and stay ahead.
Explore our ever-growing library of pre-configured apps and services
Customize the app’s resources, location, metadata, and more
Deploy apps in seconds


Implement security frameworks

Secure your customer data and critical systems swiftly while adopting a modern security posture in days, not months.
Built-in security & compliance: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR
Frequent risk assessments and mitigation
Data encryption at rest & transit
Role-based access controls


Cloud services for your entire journey
Lyrid's product suite accompanies you throughout your journey, whether you prefer a self-service approach or seek assistance from our expert team.
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Managed Hosting
Lyrid is a fully-managed cloud hosting solution built with speed, flexibility, and performance in mind.
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Lyrid's containers ensure consistent and predictable application execution across diverse environments.
Lyrid's Kubernetes automation is a fully-managed orchestration engine, offering unmatched speed and simplicity.
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App Deployment
Build and deploy apps without managing infrastructure with Lyrid’s Platform Engineering solutions.
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Managed databases
Let us manage your MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis databases while you focus on your apps' development and growth.
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Store your data while enjoying faster page loads, improved performance, and save on infrastructure and bandwidth costs.
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customer success story
How Aido Health Cut 58% Per Year in Cloud Spend and Reduced Platform Engineering Effort Using Lyrid
“We want to fully utilize our machine clusters at Lyrid to increase our cost savings in the long run compared to what we ran in Google, as based on our calculations, our spending at Lyrid will scale linearly.”
$82k saved on AWS
Aido’s switch to containerized apps and microservices unlocked new revenue streams.
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Plug in your systems and play

Enjoy a first-class developer experience with SDKs tailored to every major platform. Lyrid integrates with the technologies you depend on today.