2 Years Later: Revisiting P3iD’s Automated Document Processing Platform

Tyler Au
5 minutes
November 16th, 2023
Tyler Au
5 minutes
November 16th, 2023

Creating the Future of Automated Document Processing

Two years ago, we met with P3iD Technologies and cemented our partnership. CEO of Lyrid, Handoyo Sutanto, and CEO of P3iD, Kevin Neal, have been longtime friends, with partnering being the natural next step in furthering both of their businesses.

Before Lyrid, P3iD relied on AWS Lambda for infrastructure, and while the tech giant certainly provided powerful solutions, they came at an immense cost. P3iD became dependent on AWS because of the unique services provided, and coupled with the high costs of AWS, became a recipe for trouble. P3iD wasn’t as flexible as it could be and couldn’t provide solutions that their clients needed.

The answer? Lyrid.

The partnership between Lyrid and P3iD provided reliable infrastructure to P3iD’s ever-evolving ScanBot, with the flexible infrastructure only representing the beginning of this partnership. P3iD and Lyrid worked together to migrate P3iD out of AWS Lambda while creating a supportive environment for ScanBot servicing and modern solutions for P3iD’s clients. The handshake between P3iD and Lyrid was the beginning of something great, with the results being access to modern tech, escape from vendor dependence, partner and technology transparency, and cost reductions while providing scalable infrastructure. 

Since then, both companies have evolved tremendously, pushing the boundaries of innovation and better servicing end-users.

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation Through Lyrid’s Infrastructure

In our last case study with P3iD, we explored the relationship between P3iD and AWS Lambda, with P3iD, at the time, being dependent on AWS Lambda and their IoT Core Services. Since establishing our partnership, P3iD was able to bypass their initial vendor dependance with Lyrid infrastructure, letting the company and their solutions be as flexible and as portable as possible. For example, a Kubernetes imaging solution offered by P3iD was once run within AWS, severely limiting the solution’s usage.

By removing AWS dependency and transitioning to Lyrid’s infrastructure, this solution’s operations are no longer limited, removing the worry of external forces and actually being able to bypass external limitations. ScanBot was free to automate document processing, with this process automation creating new opportunities for P3iD and providing unique solutions to their clients. This freeing of P3iD from their past cloud provider resulted in a couple things: immense cost savings, increase in app and company scaling, evolution of application operations and flexibility, and so much more. 

In fact, by allowing P3iD to focus on forging strategic partnerships, instead of worrying about the technology infrastructure, P3iD was able to develop a document scanner hardware and software bundle with Visioneer, who is a Xerox® branded licensee. Together, Visioneer and P3iD are mutually offering bundled solutions called “Thin Scanning Solution with Xerox scanners”.

  • What is Thin Scanning? video from Visioneer:
  • Thin Scanner is Simple video from P3iD:
  • Thin Scanner is Secure video from P3iD:
  • Thin Scanner is a Solution video from P3iD:

This shift towards hyper flexible solutions is only further exemplified by Lyrid’s hybrid cloud offering. For companies apprehensive about a total move to cloud, Lyrid offers a hybrid cloud option that combines all the best parts of on-premise operations and powerful cloud technologies. This hybrid cloud solution allows for P3iD’s portability, letting their solutions run anywhere and service anyone, bringing modern tech solutions to the masses at cost-effective prices.

Evolving Document Process Automation with P3iD’s ScanBot

To understand why the innovations in P3iD’s intelligent document processing software are so crucial, you have to start with where it came from. Before automation, manual document processing was the go-to method, despite proving to be inefficient, clunky, and often posing more risks than solutions to your data and security. A time consuming process that can be rife with human errors and malicious leveraging opportunities is sure to spark the need for improvements- something that P3iD has heavily invested in. 

Our partnership with P3iD initially saw the empowerment of P3iD’s ScanBot application through the reliable Lyrid infrastructure, allowing businesses to process documents effectively and through a single pane of glass without compromising accessibility. Now, our partnership has encouraged new ScanBot features and analytics capabilities, with one of the standout features being the ability to scan images and use blockchain technology to validate and authenticate images. In addition, our partnership has empowered P3iD to create applications complementary to ScanBot, one of which being a powerful dashboarding analytics platform. 

Since the ScanBot application was so stable and impressive for client demonstrations, P3iD accelerated their plans to offer ScanBot as an API hosted web service and recently launched this service in partnership with the TWAIN Working Group. This ScanBot professional hosted API web service is offered for three segments which are (1) Corporate Businesses, (2) existing and new TWAIN Working Group members and (3) students or non-profit organizations. More information is available here:  https://p3idtech.com/product-tag/twain-direct-api/ 

Image courtesy of P3iD Technologies

As another example of accelerating P3iD’s product roadmap, P3iD is far ahead of schedule in launching a digital notary type service with ScanBot that leverages blockchain technology. Scanned images are embedded with an invisible watermark that can prove digital authenticity of scanned documents. With deep fake content so easy to produce with generative AI, it’s more important than ever to ensure that scanned images have not been altered. For more information on P3iD’s digital authenticity service please visit: https://notaryscanner.com

Neal says it best when describing the current status of data’s landscape: “Data is the new oil”. P3iD’s upcoming dashboarding application utilizes ETL pipelines and visualization components when scanning documents, creating a new way for businesses to process documents and interact with extracted data. Built on top of the Lyrid platform and leveraging Lyrid’s microservice technology, P3iD’s dashboarding application aims to connect different isolated systems into one application. The hope for this platform is to create an environment where all data, from semi structured to unstructured data, can be used to form articulate and informed decisions without having to manually process anything.  

By its very nature, nearly all ETL projects will be some variation of others to leverage the platform itself, but they will be unique in their data source inputs and workflow outputs. For this reason, P3iD offers their Technology Adoption Program (P3iD-TAP), https://p3idtech.com/tap, which allows organizations to apply and try these innovation P3iD solutions in their own environment, with their own people, using their own data. The TAP allows organizations to get early access to this innovative technology, and by working closely with P3iD, these organizations get the benefit of developing solutions that fit precisely to their clients specific requirements.

The purpose of these innovations is to further push the benefit of intelligent document processing, creating new ways for businesses to tackle data and document processing issues. The evolution of P3iD’s offerings with Lyrid technology was just the beginning of this partnership.

Breakthroughs for P3iD’s Document Processing Automation - Creating an Authentic Partnership

Upon partnering with Lyrid, Neal specified his top three partnership priorities: access to Lyrid and their support, relationship with Lyrid and connection to global tech ecosystem, and equitable pricing.

Access to Lyrid and Support

Before partnering with Lyrid, P3iD juggled sales, marketing, and engineering operations at once, delivering the best of their abilities to each important business process. With Lyrid, P3iD is able to focus mainly on the sales and marketing side of their operations, entrusting Lyrid with maintaining and improving the often error prone engineering practice.

But how?

A partnership with Lyrid means a 24/7 feedback loop in all involved processes, with engineering being the main focus for the P3iD partnership. The agreement entails Lyrid taking care of the infrastructure engineering, with P3iD specifying how much engineering involvement they want in the process. This form of partnering and communication allows P3iD to tackle sales and marketing with full force, ensuring that quality approaches and decisions are made in both segments while quality engineering is being delivered. 

Within a partnership like this, communication is of the utmost importance. While P3iD wasn’t able to get around the clock support with AWS, the Lyrid engineering team is accessible through Slack throughout any time of the day and ensures speedy assistance. In fact, this point of contact relationship Lyrid has established with P3iD was on the top of their priority list upon partnership inception.

Our approach towards accessible communication extends towards our commitment to partnership transparency. Especially when dealing with a system as critical as ScanBot and its infrastructure, Lyrid upholds transparency in the tech stack used, updates, and any and everything regarding the engineering of involved solutions. This transparency also extends towards appropriate pricing, partnership expectations, and general partnership relationships as we try to create a relationship built on the foundation of the people involved first, then businesses second. 

Relationship with Lyrid and Access to Global Tech Ecosystem

A partnership is only as good as the relationship built between the individuals signing the contracts. Like mentioned, Lyrid firmly believes that partnerships are people first, businesses second- and their partnership with P3iD is no exception. 

Lyrid works to create a 360 ecosystem with all their Constellation Partners involved, hoping to spread innovation and create powerful solutions around the globe. This includes, but isn’t limited to, cross selling and marketing opportunities, sales assistance from the Lyrid sales team, and introductions to other companies within Lyrid’s global tech ecosystem- perks that P3iD have been able to enjoy and are still actively leveraging. 

Equitable Pricing

Appropriate pricing is the standard for Lyrid partnerships. Lyrid’s partnership with P3iD continues to be beneficial and equitably priced for both companies involved. 

The Future of Lyrid and P3iD Technologies

The Lyrid and P3iD Technologies partnership seemed like something out of a fairytale; P3iD needed a new infrastructure for their ScanBot application to flourish, Lyrid had a flexible infrastructure that encouraged scalability, and the CEOs of both companies were already long time friends. Through this partnership, P3iD was able to embrace a more flexible and scalable infrastructure for their applications, paving the way for more innovations and relationships to be built. Lyrid was able to work with a company that’s breaking the boundaries of automated document processing and provide an advanced processing solution to their partners. 

The future of this partnership sees more innovations from both companies. From P3iD’s standpoint, exciting new innovations are coming to ScanBot and its sister applications. Neal states that an exciting new way to interact with WordPress is in the works as well.

Lyrid and P3iD’s partnership also calls for the encouragement of more in-person events. Last November, Lyrid had the privilege of attending TWAIN Direct Developers Day, collaborating with P3iD and TWAIN Working Group to create an environment that fostered creation in the image acquisition department. Another TWAIN Direct Developers Day is in the books for Spring time next year, as well as more regionally focused events with TWAIN Working Group and the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). Lyrid plans on attending these events and supports any in-person effort in fostering a community of tech enthusiasts. 

The prospects for both of these companies are amazing, with their partnership still blossoming and creating waves within their respective industries. Interested in partnering with Lyrid? Learn more about the Constellation Partners program!

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