How P3iD leverages Lyrid for modern multi-cloud applications

Shelly Ye
2 minutes
November 28, 2021

Customer Profile: P3iD

P3iD Technologies Inc. (P3iD) is a team of industry experts that has built their careers using open source software technologies and advocating for education, sharing and interoperability. When P3iD went in search of a trustworthy hosting provider that had a similar business philosophy but also the right technology infrastructure for their P3iD ScanBot application, Lyrid was an ideal choice to provide reliable, high-quality and scalable hosting services.

As a Board Member of the non-profit TWAIN Working Group and also an Associate Member of the non-profit, AIIM (Association for Image and Information Management) organization, P3iD freely shares their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the community to help drive overall industry adoption of modern and  innovative technologies.

P3iD leverages Lyrid for hosting serverless applications, storage, and multi cloud deployment.

Lyrid unlocks modern tools, analytics, technologies and processes for P3iD’s ScanBot development, which allows P3iD to adopt and leverage the latest open-source technology stacks in the most cost effective way to manage their engineering development and production lifecycle.

P3iD is on a mission to simplify and modernize the business process automation industry to allow organizations to decrease operational costs and be more efficient; however, these solutions historically have been on-premise solutions.

P3iD Technologies is taking the corporate world by storm with its ability to adapt to their clients’ needs. By promoting their brand as a modern serverless and multicloud business, investors are highly interested in their technology of the future.

Lyrid modernizes businesses with multi-cloud technology

As a business efficiency solutions company themselves, P3iD enhances business operations and activities through process automation workflows for documents and data. “Our Stuff is Modern— It’s Multicloud”, said Kevin Neal, CEO of P3iD.  “Working closely with Lyrid, P3iD now offers our ScanBot document scanner management/capture application as well as a robust API that allows software applications to talk to scanner devices. This is of tremendous value to P3iD as it effectively manages our cloud hosting [...] our valued clients have a trusted provider such as Lyrid.”

Lyrid modernizes businesses with multi-cloud technology

Lyrid helps customers escape vendor dependency

Reducing their dependency from one specific cloud vendor was P3iD’s number one priority. If they had waited too long, they would have been locked in with one vendor and have difficulty catering to the needs of all their clients. Being cornered into a specific cloud vendor is something that all small startups should be wary of.

P3iD Technologies was able to eliminate dependencies on AWS Lambda and IoT Core Services with Lyrid’s help. With Lyrid’s infrastructure, P3iD is able to jump from cloud to cloud as needed by their clients. This creates endless opportunities and value as scalability, flexibility, and portability are ensured.

Lyrid helps customers escape vendor dependency

Lyrid reduces costs while enhancing scalability for small businesses

Cloud companies start off by giving their clients a freemium service—their services are free but clients eventually rack up a big bill and P3iD was no exception. P3iD was using all the major cloud hosting providers in the traditional sense of spinning-up ‘instances’ and setting up ‘virtual network’, which was becoming quite costly very quickly. This was not sustainable as a viable financial business model so P3iD made the transition to Lyrid multicloud to not only reduce costs, but also offer more effective management over future hosting costs.

P3iD now is given more freedom to develop their vision and more control over their product at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, is in a much better negotiating position with hosting providers with the ability to simply move workloads from provider-to-provider easily and effortlessly.  This has completely neutralized the big cloud companies' vendor lock-in tactics.

Lyrid reduces costs while enhancing scalability for small businesses

Lyrid ensures transparency behind the partnership 

While other cloud companies keep their clients away from the development process, Lyrid actively provides full transparency on the development process for our clients. P3iD has been kept well-informed of each step of the process and has full access to integration engineers to ask questions. The development, test, and production environment that we have established gives clients confidence that they are getting exactly what they need.

Lyrid and P3iD are a team. Both entities work together to create increased value for each other. In this case, Lyrid opened up channels to other companies that are a good fit for P3iD.

“[Lyrid] is building an ecosystem of partners that [P3iD] can leverage in the future,” concluded Kevin Neal. “This is the perfect type of business and technology partnership that is ideal now but absolutely, without a doubt, the future to give us a big competitive advantage!”

Lyrid ensures transparency behind the partnership 

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a multi-cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that makes developing new cloud native solutions easier and more affordable. As a vendor-agnostic cloud platform, Lyrid utilizes data, machine learning and user policies to wrap, deploy and execute the applications seamlessly between all the public clouds. The Lyrid platform is available in free/hobbyist and Pro versions and is designed for organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. All users enjoy a variety of tools, data, analytics, redundancy and automation that make going to market globally with cloud native apps more efficient. With Lyrid, enterprises can innovate more affordably, increase cloud vendor flexibility, and test new ideas without disruption to their existing processes.

About P3iD

P3iD Technologies, Inc.™, is a secure hybrid document automation processing service. The platform enables capture, extraction, and storage of documents and data. Using impenetrable ID verification security, blockchain technology, and speech understanding, P3iD is able to serve enterprises with 50-50,000 users. For more information, contact

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