Lyrid Raises $1.1m In Seed To Bring Cloud-Agnostic Technologies To Masses

Jennifer Fuentes
2 min
February 17, 2022
Jennifer Fuentes
2 min
February 17, 2022

Lyrid announced a $1.1 million seed round led by a diverse set of notable venture capital companies with participation such as Plug and Play Ventures, GoAhead Ventures, Titan Angels, and ExpertDojo. The funding will help Lyrid introduce new auto-scaling managed Lyrid Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud-hosted operators, automated updates, and consistent cluster and application monitoring.

“We are focused on delivering the best developer partners' experience, scalability, stability, and performance throughout this evolving period. Lyrid’s mission is for you to create unsurpassed ease and affordability in cloud development and deployment for our partners.” - Handoyo Sutanto CEO

Co-founder Handoyo Sutanto spent countless hours deploying across multiple infrastructures, a process that was overly complex and repetitive. From his personal experience and speaking with industry leaders, he realized that this was a problem every cloud developer experienced. The next five years, Sutanto was driven to automate the entire process in order to save time and resources for all DevOps teams.

In 2019, Simon Loo and Sutanto reunited after discussing their shared vision: DevOps processes should be simple and streamlined. With Loo's experience gained from working in Fortune 500 companies for six years, he joined Lyrid as its new COO. They decided to put their vision into action and create Lyrid.

“Led by founders who have walked many miles in the customers' shoes has given us the confidence that Lyrid will bring the disruption needed to cloud infrastructure. We see Lyrid's drive for growth, and we are excited about our investment!” Clancey Stahr, Managing Partner, GoAhead Ventures

Today, cloud computing provides almost everyone access to resources that previously did not exist. Most of this access is running behind a handful of major cloud infrastructure companies. Lyrid helps users build, deploy and manage applications on any cloud infrastucture. This cross-compatibility accelerates time-to-market for all cloud applications. The latest investment round will help the company gain market share in the still "blue ocean" multi-cloud infrastructure space.

For 2022, Lyrid is looking forward to expanding its network with a bigger solution that encompasses its data analytic platform, along with white-labeling efforts for its platform to help the company's hosting and datacenter partners to provide new solutions to sell in a new market. Having a strategic investment partner like Plug and Play will be crucial to position Lyrid for the global enterprise, as it is entering new partnerships and sales regions.

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a multi-cloud platform provider that makes developing new cloud-native solutions easier and more affordable. Lyrid helps enterprise partners innovate with a variety of tools, data, analytics, redundancy and automation that make going to market globally with cloud-native apps more efficient. - Contact us at

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