Democratizing The Cloud: A New Opportunity for Businesses and Data Centers

Handoyo Sutanto
5 minutes
December 14th, 2022
Handoyo Sutanto
5 minutes
December 14th, 2022

Democratizing The Cloud: A New Opportunity for Businesses and Data Centers

Cloud spending has become a significant IT expense with plenty of room for improvement.  Enterprises self-estimate that 32% of cloud spend is wasteful, with 13% of those enterprises saying that their cloud spending is over budget.

We know there’s a better way to make cloud computing benefit users and infrastructure providers that’s manageable and efficient. A way that doesn’t eat up your IT budget and cut out local data centers.

And we’re making it a reality. Our vision is to provide everyone with a seamless cloud computing experience within a single application. 

Lyrid’s two-sided marketplace creates a new democratized cloud computing ecosystem. One side gives enterprises the tools they need to become cloud agnostic. The second side creates an opportunity for data centers to step into the cloud space without starting from scratch. 

It’s time to democratize the cloud.

Keep reading to learn exactly what we mean by that and how it can benefit your business and data centers worldwide.

Democratizing the Cloud: What Does It Look Like?

It’s no secret that a few companies dominate cloud computing. Even with the seemingly endless SaaS platforms out there, most of them use AWS or Azure as their underlying infrastructure. 

Cloud computing has transformed how networks and infrastructure are configured and served to users and has significant potential to become a democratized ecosystem. But that’s not what we’ve had so far. 

Lyrid’s platform allows data centers to put their infrastructure to work with managed Kubernetes clusters. Businesses of all sizes can use our platform to create a multi-cloud approach to managing infrastructure and systems.

It’s a way to put the revolutionary technology at the core of cloud computing to work for everyone. Let’s dive into what this looks like in practice.

Quickly Deploy with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

A democratized cloud gives you the option to choose any cloud provider you wish, from hyperscalers to local data centers leveraging Lyrid’s managed Kubernetes service.

Developers don’t need to learn how to work with Kubernetes. Our underlying infrastructure will use it for your application without any specialized coding, removing the barrier of entry typically required to use this leading-edge container technology. 

The process involved with building and deploying an app with Lyrid’s platform is relatively simple:

Step 1: Write Your Code

Develop your app using Java, Node.js, Python, C#, or any language you prefer. Build your development environment, write your code, run quality assurance tests, and follow your standard workflow. Once it’s ready, it’s time to move to the Lyrid platform.

Step 2: Deploy within Lyrid

Lyrid’s machine learning and policy management dashboard takes your code and prepares it for deployment across various cloud environments. Although deploying your code can be done in four clicks, we’ve fine-tuned the process to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Step 3: Use the Cloud(s) You Want

Our Kubernetes-based platform handles compute, databases, and objective storage. From there, you can deploy to local data centers using our platform or any public cloud service you prefer, like AWS. 

If you deploy to one cloud, then decide you’ll save money and improve efficiency with another option, you can quickly redeploy to the new cloud as needed. In addition, you’ll have complete control over which cloud is utilized to maximize your budget and latency.

Resource Consumption and Efficiency You Can See

Vendor lock-in is a problem for most services, from auto insurance to cell phone services. Cloud computing doesn’t have to be another service where you're locked into one provider and subject to their rate changes and evolving policies. 

Lyrid’s platform is built to enable multi-cloud strategies without specialized training and experience. Our goal from the beginning has been to allow businesses of all sizes to use the right cloud service that meets their needs and budgets.

You’ll always be aware of resource consumption within the Lyrid dashboard. You can easily switch to a new cloud provider when necessary to save money and boost performance.

Work with Local Data Centers — Not Just Hyperscalers

Local data centers have the resources and expertise to manage large-scale infrastructure, but the cost of turning their infrastructure into a PaaS platform like AWS is too high. The current cloud ecosystem results in resources and skills being underutilized by the greater cloud ecosystem. 

Lyrid closes the gap by providing data centers with a streamlined Kubernetes platform that puts their resources to work, making it available to businesses and developers globally and locally. 

Research shows that working with a cloud provider closer to your headquarters can improve performance by 50% and translate to real cost savings. In the process, you’ll support the growth of a new, democratized cloud ecosystem that levels the playing field for providers.

An Opportunity for Data Centers, Too

We’ve explored how Lyrid helps businesses, but how exactly does our platform work with data centers? Our flywheel creates new economics by providing a few easy-to-use technologies to data centers, such as:

  • Open Kubernetes Cluster Creation APIs for seamless integration with our IaaS or bare-metal platform
  • Fast API-based onboarding
  • Exposes data centers to Lyrid’s business users, allowing them to serve a more significant market
  • Availability and infrastructure monitoring, so data centers can identify any issues before they affect the service

Data centers can then join the supply side of IaaS without the complex setup process and high upfront costs typically associated with the process. 

In addition, our platform does not require any specialized Kubernetes training for data center system administrators. Instead, our API and onboarding process handles everything.

Support the New Democratized Cloud Ecosystem

Cloud computing combined with Kubernetes allows businesses and data centers to collaborate to transform the ecosystem. As a result, we don’t need to be locked into costly hyperscalers with rates that can become prohibitive as businesses grow.

Instead, Lyrid’s platform creates a democratized cloud ecosystem that benefits everyone. Data centers can quickly become IaaS providers without the massive expense of doing it alone. Businesses can use a wide range of options to find the perfect solution for their budget and performance needs. 

Are you ready to see what Lyrid has to offer? Contact us today to learn how we can help your business and data center participate in the new democratization of cloud computing.

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