Department of Communication, Information, Cipher and Statistics Exploring Startup Development Cooperation in Bekasi County

Reinhard Wilmer
4 min
July 12, 2022
Reinhard Wilmer
4 min
July 12, 2022

The Creation of a Startup Community in Bekasi County

Bekasi County collaborates with Lyrid to support Startup development. On Wednesday July 6th, Lyrid and the Bekasi County Government discussed about a Startup Development Program. The program that will be implemented hopefully can increase the growth of the creative industry and economic recovery. Here at Lyrid, we are committed to supporting the startup community in areas where startup ecosystems are underdeveloped. 

Bekasi is a satellite city in Indonesia that supports DKI Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, especially in the economic sector. Thus, it has very high potential in terms of technology development to compete in industry 4.0 sectors. Therefore, this program has specific objectives:

  • Produce new entrepreneurs who can compete in the global market.
  • Create job opportunities and raise people's standard of living.
  • Capture the creativity of the younger generation in a positive way and make it a productive generation.
  • Become a place to start a business from a smaller scale.
  • Empowering Startups and Home Industry
  • Nurture local talent and create synergy between entrepreneurs and local government

The Bekasi County Government will create regulations to support the progress of industry 4.0 in Bekasi County and provide facilities needed for the program. The government will help make an inventory of any startups in Bekasi. The startups that are registered will be selected, assessed, then their development and sales strategies will be assisted by Lyrid to make them a lot bigger and successful. 

After they’re selected, they need to take assessments to measure how far their business is currently running, and to find out what steps to be focused on during the camp period. Lyrid will provide the infrastructure and development platform for Bekasi startups to build, manage, and deploy their applications and enable them to go to market and scale faster. In addition, Lyrid will help incubate and accelerate local startups with the support of the local government.

To announce our new partnership, the Bekasi Department of Communication, Information, Cipher and Statistics released this article on their official website. Here is the translated version:

STARTUP MAKIN BERANI: Acting Regent of Bekasi Dani Ramdan with Kadiskominfosantik, Jaoharul Alam and Acting Head of ICT, Bahrul Ulum and Team Lyrid, taking a group photo, after discussion on startup development in Bekasi County, at the Bekasi Regent's Office, Central Cikarang, Wednesday (06/07/ 2022).

CIKARANG PUSAT – Acting Bekasi Regent Dani Ramdan, accompanied by the Head of the Communications and Information Technology Office, Jaoharul Alam, participated in a discussion on Startup development in Bekasi Regency, with the Lyrid Team, which took place at the Bekasi Regent's Office, Central Cikarang, on Wednesday (06/07/22).

"The Bekasi Regency Government supports the development of startups or startup companies that implement technological innovations in Bekasi Regency," he said.

The development of startups in Bekasi Regency, said Dani Ramdan, is expected to increase the growth of the creative industry and economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Head Department of Communication, Information, Cipher and Statistics, Jaoharul Alam said, the Bekasi Regency Government is exploring cooperation with Lyrid for the development of startups in Bekasi Regency.

“Later on, we will register startups in Bekasi Regency, select them and take part in the assessment. We will take an inventory of startups in Bekasi Regency, later we will invite them to take part in the selection, and Lyrid will provide guidance," he explained.

Jaoharul Alam added, one of the startups that will be developed is the Bebeli (Bekasi Berani Beli) application which is made by the local government in order to develop Small-to-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Bekasi Regency.

"Yes, we hope that the more startups that develop in Bekasi Regency, the people's economy will also increase," he said.

DISCLAIMER: The picture above is a local Bekasi gesture, which means “Bekasi moves forward to success”. 

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