How To Create A WordPress CRM

Tyler Au
5 minutes
January 25th, 2024
Tyler Au
5 minutes
January 25th, 2024

Why is a Wordpress CRM So Important?

Any company can agree with this statement: having a competent CRM system is crucial for a company’s health and success.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is used to help users gain insights into their online traffic and use that information to improve their websites and businesses. The goal for many of these solutions is to improve relationships with current and potential customers by providing the tools necessary to stay connected and improve sales and support processes. CRMs achieve this goal by creating and storing insights on important prospect interactions and information so teams ranging from sales and marketing to business development can create a seamless customer experience.

There exist many available CRM solutions, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk to name a few. So why should you use WordPress?

First off, the subscription fee for traditional CRM software is quite expensive; offering a multitude of user friendly tools and support experts does often come at a hefty price, though more limited versions are free to use. WordPress offers an unlimited free version and only requires a fee for hosting. In addition, if you already have a WordPress website, the integration is seamless and data can be used straight from the website.

In addition, WordPress offers another layer of customizability by offering UX tailoring based on your own website and letting you interact with your data through the WordPress dashboard. Instead of relying on a third party service for customer data storing, hosting WordPress CRM lets you store customer data on your own server, allowing seamless integration to your other services and adding another layer of security. 

Image Courtesy of WordPress

There are various types of CRM WordPress solutions available, each has different benefits depending on your personal needs. For example, an e-commerce website could utilize a WordPress plugin designed for online businesses to manage and gather customer data, purchase histories, preferences, and more. On the other hand, a marketing agency would need plugins that focus on automating relevant customer and prospect tasks such as email marketing, managing live chats, and managing lead generation.

Our last blog in this series walked you through the steps of publishing your own WordPress website on Lyrid in 10 minutes. In this blog, we’re diving deeper into the nuances of this invaluable tool and will be showing you how to install a native WordPress CRM plugin, which will help you create a simple CRM app on your website without coding! 

Step 1: Access Your WordPress Account and Download

The first step in creating a WP CRM system involves utilizing the WordPress CRM plugin “WP ERP”.

WP ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows you to manage your WordPress website and business on a single interface. One of the top WordPress CRM plugins, WP ERP offers websites real time customer reports through their core modules: HR management, CRM system, and accounting system- adding much needed flexibility and utility to a traditional CRM system. Equipped with a dedicated staff and support team, WP ERP is one of the best free CRM plugins, only requiring payments for components, support, and updates. With it’s constantly-updating open source build, cloud-based foundation, and maintenance-free operations, WP ERP is a no-brainer for anyone looking to create their own WordPress CRM.

Image Courtesy of WP ERP

Log in to your account and navigate to “Admin Dashboard”, then find “Plugins” on the sidebar. Using the keyword search “wp erp”, download the plugin. Alternatively, download the plugin from their website

Once you download successfully, you can “activate” your plugin.

Note: if you have difficulties installing the plugin, refer to this documentation

Step 2: Customize Your Solution

Upon opening WP ERP for the first time, you will be asked to fill in some information - such as your company start date, currency used, define departments, create company employee designation, and workdays. After finalizing the details, you could start adding your employees. 

Next, go into “Admin Dashboard - ERP Settings - Modules”. Here you can select which modules to have, the suggestion for a CRM is to only check CR management, as the other modules are not related to customer relationship management. Click “Save Settings”.

Thats it! Now you have turned your WordPress website into a WordPress CRM!!

While this represents creating a free WordPress CRM, WP ERP Pro offers you new more customizable options and premium extensions. From syncing to other CRM systems like Hubspot and Mailchimp, to having customizable customer life stages and stronger accounting capabilities, WP ERP pro has everything that internal teams would need to best service their CRM efforts. 

Supercharging Your WordPress CRM with Lyrid

WordPress is an extremely powerful and versatile tool for anyone looking to build their own projects. From first time web developers to seasoned veterans, WordPress has something for everyone, especially when coupled with Lyrid.

Combining the flexibility of WordPress with the resilience of scalability of Kubernetes, the Lyrid platform provides a means for you to bring your project to the people as fast and efficiently as possible. Our infrastructure supports any WordPress project you’re looking to bring to life, whether it’s a personal portfolio or a huge scale ecommerce website, Lyrid has got you covered with our microservice technology.

To learn more about how Lyrid can service your website, visit our website or book a meeting with our team to get an introduction to our services and products.

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