Lyrid 2023: Creating New Opportunities for Global Tech Access

Tyler Au
7 minutes
December 19th, 2023
Tyler Au
7 minutes
December 19th, 2023

Creating the Streams for Accessible Tech

At the core of Lyrid is our mission, to make groundbreaking technology more accessible around the world so that anyone can innovate with tech. 

2023 was another step in realizing this journey, with our endless pursuit of innovation translating into all of our initiatives and those to come. Initiatives of 2023 included forming exciting new partnerships with companies around the globe, adding robust new product features and marketplace solutions, and creating a strong community of tech enthusiasts in Indonesia. 

As exciting and hopeful as 2024 will be, we’d like to shed some light on what we’ve done in 2023, as well as what is to come in the future.

Here is a wrap-up of Lyrid’s 2023.

New Updates and Features in Our Products

‍This past year, our engineering team has created more core competencies for our platform and accompanying products, providing a streamlined experience for both our users and partners alike.

To start, 2023 saw the addition of HelmChart deployments in the Lyrid platform, allowing users to launch dedicated DB instances and container deployments to clusters, with WordPress HelmChart deployments also being added to dedicated Kubernetes clusters. Utilizing Kubernetes clusters, we’ve also been able to provide further support for Hyperledger Fabric. Multi-nodes and cluster deployments in private networks are now supported in Lyrid, synchronizing smart contracts deployments and records across node networks through our clusters. 

We’ve also added more support for WordPress users, highlighted through the addition of WordPress HelmChart deployments. The support for WordPress users doesn’t stop there, as through WordPress Operator, Lyrid partners will be able to buy machines, create Kubernetes clusters, deploy on operator WordPress, and manage multiple WordPress instances for clients- all within a single pane of glass.

Another exciting feature is our GitHub One Click Deploy. Popularized by Vercel, our one-click deploy enables users to deploy an application and/or service from an open GitHub repository to Lyrid directly, removing all the unnecessary roadblocks that normal deployment would entail. 

Along with the updates detailed above, more feature supports and beta access were outlined and implemented this year. In terms of support, more support towards OpenStack and Oracle Kubernetes Cluster APIs has been allocated. For our enterprise users, we’ve created a dedicated support ticketing system to best address and solve your problems promptly, only showing the minimum of our support for Lyrid enterprise users. We’ve also implemented new beta access to our Partner Tier subscription and to advanced Kubernetes cluster monitoring, letting all users enjoy Lyrid to its fullest extent. 

For our Constellation Partners, we’re creating new outlets for you to integrate your solutions into our platform, creating a 360 package that provides the best solutions possible… stay tuned!

For more information about our product updates in 2023, check out our product update blog

Plenty of Partnerships in Sales and Marketing

In 2023, we focused on shaking hands with more and more companies and individuals who have a similar mission to ours and are making waves within their respective spaces. Our partners ranged from software-focused companies, data centers, online boot camp providers, and so forth. This year, we cemented 10+ partnerships and formally launched our Constellation Partners program. Categorized under data centers, technology, consulting, or training partners, our Constellation Partners receive benefits that address their unique business needs, along with general offerings like sales and marketing assistance, engineering support, and stronger lead generation. Interestingly enough, our official foray into the partnership space showed us two critical points:

  1. There is a huge demand for Kubernetes and cloud technology in the Healthcare sector
  2. Working within the education tech and online bootcamp sector has proven to be a successful go-to-market venture for us

Last year, our partnerships mainly revolved around data centers and tech companies. This year, we’ve significantly expanded on these types of partnerships and refined existing ones, thus creating new avenues and ways for Kubernetes and cloud tech to be utilized outside the tech industry. These stronger efforts in sales and partnerships have also translated to our team in Indonesia, letting the sales team and efforts grow and flow naturally there. 

A strong and flourishing sales effort resulted in extraordinary financial growth for Lyrid and Lyrid Indonesia, increased lead generation and deal rates for our data center partners, and increased savings for our partners. Through our deals and partnerships, we were able to 6x our realized revenue in the United States and 7x our realized revenue in Indonesia. Our data center partners saw an average of $50,000+ in deals generated by their partnership with Lyrid, breathing new life into bare metal hardware and virtual machines. In addition, our partners and clients saw an average savings of $5,000 to $15,000 in cloud spend this year, allowing them to optimize their resource usage and explore new facets of innovation for less. Our partners and clients in the healthcare sector in particular saved an average of 52% on their cloud spend by working with Lyrid.

With deals and partnerships in our Q4 pipeline still being negotiated as we write this, the sales growth of Lyrid in 2023 is a force to be reckoned with. 

In terms of our marketing efforts this year, we’ve focused on creating more informational content and pushed for a stronger paid media presence. This year, our blogs aimed to create a hub where users can find content related to technology and cloud computing, breaking down topics like platform engineering, cost of cloud computing, Kubernetes distribution services, and so on. Perhaps our most exciting content venture this year was creating our Startup Talk series, which saw our CEO, Handoyo Sutanto, breaking down startup topics based on his own experiences. Such topics included breaking down Handoyo’s Business Foundation Triangle ideology, creating SaaS partnership programs, and going over the different growth models that businesses can uptake. 

In addition, we’ve added stronger curation to our marketing efforts. Our paid media saw different targeted ads being sent to appropriate audiences, increasing the number of impressions and value of keywords. Outside of our Big Bang monthly newsletters, our emails were being sent to industry professionals across various targeted lists, such as SMBs and healthcare tech companies, via our account-based marketing efforts.

2023 was a huge year regarding our sales and marketing efforts and creating the global tech community that we actively champion- 2024 will be an even bigger year.

Strengthening Global Community Efforts

As mentioned above, 2023 was the year we focused on creating beneficial partnerships for all parties involved. Not only did this help create our understanding of the need that our technology filled, but also distributed powerful tech solutions worldwide. From lowering the barrier to entry for tech access around the world by working with international data centers to creating a robust solution marketplace environment that encourages cross-marketing and cross-selling by working with our tech partners, our partners have been instrumental in pushing the growth of a global tech ecosystem. Working with partners and data centers at a regional level has allowed us to tap into and address the unique needs of our customers while working with partners on an international level has enabled us to achieve greater scale while creating new presences worldwide. 

Cementing more partnerships has made waves within Lyrid and our efforts, with such waves being felt in our most daring community effort yet: Your Tech Matters.

Your Tech Matters is our community event initiative based in Indonesia that serves as an outlet for companies in and around Indonesia to exchange insights, ideas, and solutions- all while expanding their network. The goal of Your Tech Matters is to create an ecosystem within Indonesia that facilitates collaboration among tech companies, with the ultimate goal being to create a larger global tech community. 

On March 31st, 2023, Lyrid Indonesia launched its first iteration of the Your Tech Matters event, forever changing the landscape of tech in Indonesia. This first event hosted 45 participants from a wide range of applicants, from startups to established tech companies, to VCs, while providing discussion points and free dinner and prizes. Throughout the year and the four successful iterations of the event, 400+ applicants and 150+ participants have been accounted for, hosting 50+ companies and talks with some of our esteemed partners such as Biznet Gio Cloud and Woilo. Standout VCs that attended our Your Tech Matters events included Silicon Valley Investclub, DS/X Ventures, and ATM Capital. 

The growth of not only Your Tech Matters but the tech community in Indonesia has been one to watch out for the enthusiasm around innovation and cloud tech and Kubernetes has been unparalleled and the access to groundbreaking tech worldwide has never been more open.

A 2024 To Look Out For

Like our 2023 plans, our 2024 prospects will call for the evolution of Lyrid’s products, as well as the expansion of Lyrid’s initiatives.

To start, we’re working on adding more robustness to our product, specifically by adding a wide range of prepackaged solutions. A standout feature from Lyrid that’s in the works is the capability to create your own packaging via HelmChart. The self-sustaining ability to create white labeled packages enables users to deliver ideas to new regions and users themselves through the Lyrid Solution Marketplace. Through the Lyrid Marketplace, users will be able to monetize and distribute their packaged solutions while integrating other solutions directly into their clusters.

2024 will also see our Constellation Partners, specifically our tech partners, receiving solutions integration opportunities into our Solution Marketplace. Emphasizing networking and security at the moment, we’re looking into the solutions that would best provide value for both our and our partner’s users as a package. This move would not only expand Lyrid’s product offering to end-users, but also to our valued partners. For example, security integrations will enable around the clock in-cluster/container security penetration tests, whereas networking integrations will enable partners to create VPNs dynamically and manage them- all accessible through the Lyrid platform. 

In terms of expansion, we plan on expanding towards regions outside of our current operations- namely regions around Indonesia like Southeast Asia, and regions around the United States like Latin America. These regions are brimming with opportunity, with their markets being receptive to our core competencies such as data center expansion, cloud tech integration, and creating stronger global tech ecosystems. 

Closing Remarks

To everyone involved in our journey thus far- from users and clients to Constellation Partners, to investors, and our global teams- we thank you for all of your support! Lyrid in 2023 has been instrumental to our growth in future years, with the initiatives we’re pushing right now creating the foundation for the plans we have in 2023.

As always, have a great New Year!

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