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Lyrid April 2022 Product Updates

Reinhard Wilmer
5 minutes
April 18, 2022
Reinhard Wilmer
5 minutes
April 18, 2022

As we approach Q2 of 2022, it’s time for another Lyrid product update! This quarter has been quite productive for us with a lot of initiatives and partnerships finally on the way. Along with it, there has been a couple big updates on the product side, and more exciting features and updates in the pipeline heading into Q2 and Q3 of 2022. Without further ado, here are several features Lyrid pushed out and available to all our users.

Submit with GitHub: Lyrid Client (LC) code submit with GitHub URL

As a company, one of our main focuses is to develop features that help our users build faster and one area we decide to tackle is code submission. In previous iterations, users had to check the code before pushing to GitHub, and while this method still exists, in this update we added an alternative which is to submit GitHub URL through our Lyrid Client (LC) to start build (deploy) in Lyrid if the GitHub URL has Lyrid-definition. 

Download and View Build Logs

Another important update in the deployment process is the ability for users to download and view build logs in our dashboard to check if deployment is run successfully and debug any failed deployment. You can access this through:

PostgreSQL Free Tier Database Support

A popular integration that many of our users requested is a free-tier PostgreSQL database support. We are excited to announce that Lyrid will now support applications with free database PostgreSQL instances (1 GB) for FREE TIER users in US-West-1 area (Bay area, California). 

Free Tier and Pro Tier Increased Package

In our quest to support users to build and ship their applications, we found a big interest in increasing the free and pro tier packages in Lyrid. Hence, Lyrid users can access more with changes on Free Tier: 10MB 🡪 50 MB per submission and 2 applications 🡪 3 applications deployed in Lyrid.

Similarly, for Pro Tier users: 100MB 🡪 250MB per submission, with 10 applications, and no rate limiter. Furthermore, Pro Tier has the capability to add-on hosting containers, database, storage to build larger applications. 

Free tier Rate limiter on X-Vega (API gateway)

An important product update to note for Lyrid users is a rate limiter that was introduced on X-Vega for free tier users. In other words, there is a limited rate of API gateway calls (number of API gateway calls) that can be done at any given period that would refill after some period has passed. For most simple applications, this would not affect performance of your solutions. However, for high bandwidth projects, we recommend that free tier users transition to pro tier for more support and the capability to add-on hosting containers, database, storage to support the traffic. 

Shorter Downtime when setting Active revision (Bug fix)

One of the most important product cycles in Lyrid is customer feedback and we are fortunate in having active users that report different bugs and suggestions for the product and engineering team. A big request that we got was to reduce the downtime when updating an application deployed in Lyrid. Previously, after deploying an application, in app details (in when updating the same application and redeploying the solution, the backend sets active revision at the submission time, rather than after finish deployment which causes long downtime in original deployment. Thus, we came up with a way to reduce the downtime by setting active revision to be done post-built with manual control to set active on previous revision.

Another feature is the star in app details which saves 1 revision since Lyrid only saves 2 revisions at any single time, changing which revision gets starred has no downtime. 

Bug Fixes:

In this current update, a couple bug fixes were pushed for Zeta: 

Of course, there are other minor bugs that we’ve fixed this past quarter and probably many more in the future, so if you found any bugs, be sure to let us know in the customer support section!

Upcoming features in Q2/Q3 of 2022

We have made some big progress in Q1 of 2022 but Q2 and Q3 should bring more flexibility and other exciting integrations with some of our great solution partners and significant progress in increasing our Kubernetes clusters efficiency. 

Initial Support for NocoDB template (Delta)

One major upcoming update is the integration of NocoDB into Lyrid. For those unfamiliar, NocoDB is well… a no code database framework (get it… No Code Database 🡪 NocoDB). Anyway, we are excited to finally launch this integration where we will have initial support so users can build applications on top of the NocoDB framework in our Delta build clusters. For example, we are building an internal KPI Analytics that utilizes NocoDB to store our KPI marketing data. 

Minio Free Tier Object Storage

Another exciting update coming in for our users, is a Minio FREE TIER support. This is a widely requested feature for our free tier users to build more complex applications in Lyrid and now free tier users can access (10GB in object storage) to store files, documents, data, etc.

Docker Container Support

Previously, there was already a way to run docker images in Lyrid, however, we are adding additional support to run and deploy Docker containers in Kubernetes with Lyra. 

Kubernetes Initial Integration (Lyra + GRPC)

A crucial update in our product development is the initial Kubernetes integration support with Lyra and Google Remote Procedure Call (GRPC), where Lyra and Lyra-Vega are integrated to GRPC Lyrid Kubernetes Clusters. Since connecting each Kubernetes cluster usually needs a public port, users must set up their routers. Using the GRPC protocol, users need to only download LYRA-Vega, to gain access to our API service which reduces costs by cutting through just 1 port (previously each cluster needed a public IP).

Closing Notes

Overall, we got a lot of things done in Q1 of 2022, and we are excited to further develop new product features for Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2022. We’d like to thank our dedicated users, supporters, investors, and our engineering team that have contributed to our product development. 

As always, I want to welcome anyone that wants to get in touch and learn more about us. Feel free to schedule a demo with us below or connect with me on Twitter @Reinhardwilmer 

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a multi-cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that makes developing new cloud native solutions easier and more affordable. As a vendor-agnostic cloud platform, Lyrid utilizes data, machine learning and user policies to wrap, deploy and execute the applications seamlessly between all the public clouds. The Lyrid platform is available in free/hobbyist and Pro versions and is designed for organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. All users enjoy a variety of tools, data, analytics, redundancy and automation that make going to market globally with cloud native apps more efficient. With Lyrid, enterprises can innovate more affordably, increase cloud vendor flexibility, and test new ideas without disruption to their existing processes.

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