Lyrid Launches Partner Program to Bring Multi-Cloud Solutions to Managed Hosting Providers

Criszel Corpuz
2 min
June 17, 2022
Criszel Corpuz
2 min
June 17, 2022

A Revolutionary Start to Managed Cloud Hosting

SAN JOSE, June 17, 2022—Lyrid, a leading disruptor for Cloud Agnostic technology, has announced 10 new participants in its Lyrid Partner Program since the beginning of 2022, driven by innovative software offerings, a pay-as-you-go model, product launch support and an upcoming Partner Portal. The reseller program has attracted diverse companies, including ServerPronto, a Managed Hosting Provider.

The company has seen recent success with ServerPronto— marrying Auto-Scaling Kubernetes with Bare Metal —available today. This package is not the only trick up their sleeve, though. Lyrid offers Multicloud Deployment, and a One-Click Solutions Marketplace— a service that helps developers customize apps with no-code. ServerPronto believes that adopting this portfolio will propel innovation for the company and its customers for years to come.

“We love that Lyrid enables us as an existing provider to plug in their solutions with our existing offering”, said Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto.
“We’ve always prioritized innovation and creating new solutions - this partnership with Lyrid gives us an easier and faster pathway to provide our customers with the latest technology”, said Kurzweg.

Managed Hosting Partners benefit from the program in many ways, including:

  • New customer opportunities within the public cloud ecosystem
  • Offering developer-efficient experiences for customers
  • Accelerated go-to-market collaboration

The Lyrid Partner Program came at the best time and place—as companies are beginning to see a phenomenal shift from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. What’s more impressive is the symbiotic relationship between Lyrid and Managed Hosting Providers. Partners like ServerPronto resell Lyrid’s software, meanwhile, Lyrid sells ServerPronto’s unused servers. “The whole process feels very custom and we appreciate the one-on-one support they provide”, said Kurzweg.

The Lyrid Partner Program plays an important role in minimizing barriers to success that impact data centers and hosting companies around the world. “When we launched the program, we wanted to build something that gives all companies the means to compete with enterprise vendors like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure”, said Handoyo Sutanto, CEO of Lyrid.

The Lyrid Partner Program gives participants product training, co-marketing materials, and 24/7 technical support. “They provide great partner support and resources to help us ideate and launch these co-built packages”, said Kurzweg. The program emphasizes innovative solutions, modern multi-cloud infrastructure and a customized experience for both companies and their end-users. 

Another addition coming is Lyrid’s Hosting Partner Portal. The portal provides an easy way for Managed Hosting Partners to:

  • Order machine cluster builds
  • Manage or delete active clusters
  • Access cluster analytics
  • Automate billing invoices

Managed hosting providers can work with Lyrid to position themselves as an industry leader. Companies looking to work with Lyrid can contact the Lyrid Partner Team -

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a cloud agnostic company that helps global partners maximize revenue potential. With Lyrid, partners can integrate the best possible offering in hybrid and multicloud deployments and discover new software to innovate their offerings.

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