Lyrid Takes 1st Place at Unicorn Cup World Finals 🦄

Shelly Ye
30 Seconds
November 10, 2021

After winning second place at the Unicorn Cup Battle in America, Lyrid turned the tides and secured the first place win at the Unicorn Cup World Finals.

The world’s largest startup pitch contest featured ten startups from eight different countries in the grand finale. Startups from places like Chile, United Arab Emirates, USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Thailand and Great Britain were present.

Lyrid’s COO, Simon Loo, delivered a captivating pitch that highlighted our unique infrastructure that helps businesses scale their company on any cloud— globally, in minutes. Our goal is to make the cloud more accessible for businesses; we reduce redundancy in development and the cost comparison is much cheaper compared to other major cloud providers as well.

The Unicorn Cup World Final attracts venture funds, key regional and country officials that partake in the startup ecosystem, and partners from around the globe. Every audience member and judge is excited to discover the best startups to invest in.

Our commitment to helping developers and business leaders focus on creation and not operations, and our value proposition of helping companies scale in minutes, won the heart of the judges present.

Lyrid is excited and honored to gain international recognition as the first place winner of the Unicorn Cup Grand Finale, with a plethora of venture capital firms watching. We can’t wait to attend the VC-only meetup for being the winner and develop relationships with even more investors!

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