Lyrid Wins Fan Favorite Award at ISG Startup Challenge 🏆

Shelly Ye
30 Seconds
May 18, 2021

Lyrid starts Quarter 3 off strong with a first place win from ISG’s Startup Challenge at the TechXchange: BFSI event. 

CEO Handoyo Sutanto wows a crowd of six judges and audience members with his seven-minute pitch and two-minute Q&A session. Audience members voted for Lyrid over other tech startups present.

Owen Wheatley, lead partner, banking and financial services, ISG, and co-host of the ISG TechXchange: BFSI says, “Lyrid’s execution model automatically scales with demand while reducing server cost, increasing development speed and securely deploying and distributing any web application [...] solutions like Lyrid’s are critical in enabling enterprises to build, deploy and render code anywhere to deliver exceptional digital experiences.”

In his pitch, Handoyo explains that Lyrid is a multi-cloud serverless computing ecosystem that eliminates platform dependency and infrastructure maintenance and allows users to code, deploy and manage web applications easily. 

Lyrid also addresses the environmental impact that technology companies face. Performance and energy in cloud computing are usually tied together with the pricing of cloud companies. Lyrid is energy-friendly and cost-effective because we schedule our deployments to go out when it is the cheapest time of the day for energy costs.

Developers do not have to worry about the platform they are using when building with Lyrid. Our solution addresses startups’ issue about not having a big enough development operations team.

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