An Ecosystem in the Making: Lyrid x Biznet Gio

Handoyo Sutanto
3 min
Handoyo Sutanto
3 min

For the past few months, the Lyrid team has been hard at work expanding our commitment to our vision of further lowering the barrier of entry for global innovation. We discovered one of the key players in this vision: the availability of local regional cloud providers who own sizable data center sites and presence that serve the local market. We learned that some of these data centers have vast infrastructures and connectivity backbones that can rival the public cloud hyperscalers. 

And with that, we have our sights set on the goal of enabling as many data center partners, like Serverpronto and Biznet Gio, to be able to create more streams of revenue while making it easier for anyone to consume their infrastructure's cloud services through the Lyrid Platform. 

We were very excited to announce a new partnership between Lyrid and Biznet Gio in our press release announcement earlier this week. We have committed to provide the technologies needed to help Biznet deliver more managed cloud services built on top of the Lyrid Managed Kubernetes and Biznet Gio’s bare metal servers, with the goal of delivering unparalleled performance, scalability, ease-of-use, and cost savings that are simply unheard of in the market. 

On the other side of this partnership, we are exploring many different avenues on how Lyrid can tap into and leverage Biznet Gio’s vast knowledge of the local market, and sales force to further build our presence in the Southeast Asia region while also nurturing a community of users, developers, entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises seeking cloud infrastructure and platform partners to help them build and scale their solutions.

Read more about press release here:

SAN JOSE, October 3, 2022—Lyrid proudly announces its partnership with Biznet Gio — a cloud infrastructure division of Biznet, the leading Indonesian internet service provider (ISP) and a key partner in our global hosting network efforts. This partnership combines Biznet’s highly scalable bare metal hardware with Lyrid’s flexible multi-cloud Kubernetes deployment and management software to deliver an unparalleled scalability, usability, and performance.

"Our strategic partnership with Lyrid accelerates the cloud computing ecosystem in Indonesia by delivering infrastructure solutions for developers. This newly launched solution accommodates microservice adoption for industries actively pursuing agile development. From this collaboration, alongside supporting customer's business excellence, we plan to focus on providing simplified infrastructure implementations, faster technology adoption, scalability, and data localization support,” said Dondy Bappedyanto, CEO of Biznet Gio Nusantara.

Biznet will offer Lyrid’s Cloud Platform, where users have full-ownership over the entire development cycle. Using Lyrid’s Platform, customers have complete control over every single aspect of Kubernetes cluster management through a single user interface (UI). Furthermore, customers can leverage Lyrid’s One-Click Solutions Marketplace — a service that enables users to deploy no-code solutions to their Kubernetes clusters. The partnership empowers customers with fast and reliable deployment techniques when compared to deploying conventional Kubernetes applications —accelerating time-to-value. 

Multinational companies seeking to scale rapidly in Southeast Asia will now have a local alternative to public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. In addition, Indonesian companies and government agencies will be able to host their applications and microservices with a hybrid cloud option using: on-premise or Biznet Gio bare metal servers. With local regulations heading towards national locked data security policies, Biznet Gio and Lyrid’s partnership seeks to serve this growing market. 

While Biznet made a name for itself as the fast, reliable, and affordable dedicated server business, Indonesia has not yet adopted managed Kubernetes services. With competition from public cloud platforms, these kinds of partnerships offer Biznet’s users innovative services without compromising on its core philosophy. For hosting companies that want to scale their product with minimal resources, Lyrid is the partner of choice. 

Here’s the version written by Indonesia premier’s news agency Kompas:

Editor : Sri Noviyanti – Indonesia’s Premier cloud computing provider, PT Biznet Gio Nusantara (Biznet Gio), announces a strategic partnership with cloud platform management technology company, Lyrid Inc, with the launch of automations for microservices. The result of this collaboration of Biznet Gio and Lyrid is targeted for the new and upcoming cloud companies that are embracing agile development. The solutions will bring Managed Kubernetes to the forefront with the ease of use and familiarity for the developers as an open-source container management platform.

Microservices is a container-based application development approach that is currently widely used by industry to accelerate the development of digital applications and systems. The collaboration between Lyrid and Biznet Gio aims to support the acceleration of the cloud ecosystem in Indonesia.

The advantages offered at the launch of the collaboration service are the ease of running Kubernetes with instant installation and configuration, high scalability cloud infrastructure support, and the availability of resources and 24/7 technical support.

Furthermore, this collaboration will focus on upgrading the skillset or capability of transforming the architecture from monolithic to microservice, as well as providing Kubernetes services at affordable prices when compared to similar services from foreign service providers.

"We focus on accelerating the formation of a cloud computing and data center ecosystem in Indonesia, one of which is to provide the appropriate infrastructure services for application developers," said Biznet Gio Nusantara CEO, Dondy Bappedyanto, in a release received by, Tuesday (4/10). /2022).
“Through this collaboration, his party wants to facilitate the implementation of microservice infrastructure for industries that are actively adopting an agile development approach,” said Dondy. "In addition to being able to support customers' business advantages, solutions from cloud ecosystem collaboration will provide simplification and fast technology adoption as well as the availability of scalable and secure infrastructure.”, he continued.

Lyrid's managed Kubernetes platform empowers customers to have full control over every layer, installation, setup, and management of Kubernetes clusters through a single user interface (UI) easily. In fact, these facilities can be used by customers without the need to have technical skills or knowledge about Kubernetes.

Today, Lyrid's managed Kubernetes platform offers scalable and highly available services for application development. That way, developers can continuously update applications, known as the CI/CD concept or continuous integration and continuous delivery, which can accelerate application development and enhance business services at any time.

“Lyrid sees that Kubernetes services managed in Indonesia are still far behind. With competition from bigger cloud hyperscale platforms, this kind of partnership is needed to offer innovative services to users without giving up the core philosophy of Kubernetes," said Lyrid Inc CEO, Handoyo Sutanto.

For information, Biznet Gio is now focusing on expanding the supporting features of the cloud ecosystem by offering dedicated device or bare metal server services known as NEO Metal in collaboration with various transformative technology platforms.

NEO Metal puts forward server services with dedicated computing performance ready to use using the latest hardware specifications supported by Intel® Xeon® or AMD EPYC™ computing units.

Dondy added, in the midst of crowded cloud computing services with various offerings of virtual machines or virtual servers, the collaboration of Lyrid and Biznet Gio specifically brings the advantages of the Kubernetes platform over the Bare Metal Server infrastructure.

The advantages of service collaboration will provide high and dedicated computing performance supported by microservice architecture that make it easier for application developers to immediately operate the Kubernetes platform.

"The transformative technology that comes with the bare metal as a service or NEO Metal service is a breakthrough to facilitate customers, not only being able to immediately use the latest specifications, but also getting technology upgrades quickly at an affordable cost where data remains safe and stored within the region. Indonesia," continued Dondy.

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a managed Kubernetes platform that helps global partners maximize revenue potential and performance efficiency. With Lyrid, partners can integrate the best possible offering in hybrid and multi cloud deployments and discover new software including Kubernetes Bare Metal Automation.

About Biznet Gio

Biznet Gio (PT Biznet Gio Nusantara) is the first Indonesian cloud service provider that offers fast, highly scalable, and secure Bare Metal cloud. Since 2015, Biznet Gio has provided IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and managed services for various industry levels, from enterprise level, startup, to MSMEs. To get more information about Biznet Gio, you can visit

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