Your Tech Matters Special Edition: Founder’s Talk - Cultivating the Future of Tech

Tyler Au
3 minutes
August 10th, 2023
Tyler Au
3 minutes
August 10th, 2023

Growing a Community, One Event at a Time

Jakarta, Indonesia - July 21st, 2023 - (PT. Lyrid Teknologi Nusantara) hosted their Your Tech Matters event, but this time with a twist. Your Tech Matters Special Edition was everything the name entailed - a event that the tech community in Indonesia has grown to love. 

This invite-only rendition of Your Tech Matters saw 30+ attendees and included companies from all around Indonesia. Over dinner, participants were able to network and exchange insights and ideas, letting the natural exchange of products and projects flow. Like Your Tech Matters events in the past, networking and dinner was followed by a Lyrid presentation and Q&A, though this time around, things were different. 

What made this particular event so distinguished was the inclusion of a panel discussion, featuring CEO of Lyrid, Handoyo Sutanto, and VP of Technology operation from BiznetGio Cloud, Yusuf Hadiwinata Sutandar. With the topic, “Revolutionizing Server Infrastructure: Driving Digital Transformation and Cost Optimization in the Digital Era”, the panel discussion delved deep into changing the digital landscape, including topics like digital transformation, cloud security, AI, and microservices. Along with an enthralling discussion, the talk also provided tips for companies looking to optimize their costs, without sacrificing the robust performance of their infrastructure.

The team in Lyrid Indonesia spent 2 months preparing for this special event. Invitations were sent to CEOs and CTOs in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta. While exclusive invites were sent out to CEOs and CTOs, event registration was open to the public. This time around, marketing efforts were bolstered by increasing advertising efforts and budget.

A challenge that the Lyrid Indonesia team faced was attendance confirmation. In order to best assess the amount of space, food, and resources needed to best service the event attendees, the Lyrid Indonesia team used attendance confirmation as a means of doing so. Understandably, some participants couldn’t attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, though this didn’t throw a wrench in the actual operations of the event. 

Another challenge the team faced was figuring out ways to plan the event optimally, as expressed in this quote by Hermon Christian Y. Tjandi, Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Lyrid and Deputy Director at Lyrid Indonesia:

“As Lyrid is not primarily an Event Organizer, devising the optimal formula poses inherent challenges, alongside building a business ecosystem that fosters positive outcomes for our community.”

With an eye towards cultivating a tech community in Indonesia, the team in Lyrid Indonesia shows no signs of slowing down their involvement in Your Tech Matters. Looking to equip participants with invaluable insights that can contribute significantly to the enhancement of their respective businesses, the Lyrid Indonesia team is working on more events to come. Hermon represents our optimism about this tech community best, “We hold a strong belief that this community event will have a positive impact on businesses, particularly startups, and SMEs/SMBs. Our core mission in establishing this community is to cultivate a constructive business ecosystem that facilitates new opportunities for our valued community members.”

At this point in time, we plan on expanding the Your Tech Matters event, broadening the audience of this event to VCs and other key stakeholders alike. If attending a community event like this sounds interesting to you, fill out your contact information and we’ll get back to you!

Stay tuned for more Your Tech Matters!

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