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How Yukbid is Evolving the Indonesian Online Auctioning System

Jennifer Fuentes
3 minutes
March, 24 2022
Jennifer Fuentes
3 minutes
March, 24 2022

Customer Profile

Founded in Indonesia, YukBid is a consumer-to-consumer e-commerce marketplace centered around selling, buying, and processing auctioned-based transactions. As the pandemic began in 2020, consumers began to develop hobbies and side businesses while maintaining their online transactions manually; this led to an increase in online transaction movement that will dictate the future for new companies. 

Yukbid Is Transforming How Products Are Auctioned Online

Purchasing and selling products on social media are notorious for their disorganized nature. Consumers would post product photos on Facebook and Instagram, read through all the comments, tag, and contact the highest bidder manually. Soemarko, the CTO of Yukbid, noticed this occurrence and immediately realized an opportunity. When he launched Yukbid in January 2022, he sought to transform the way products were auctioned online—which many consumers saw as laborious and lengthy— into a platform that would be the Indonesian equivalent to eBay.

"Yukbid is the first auction-style e-commerce marketplace with a  Twitch-style live video streaming twist in Indonesia."

Lyrid Helps Startups Save Time By Automating The Deployment Process.

At the time, Soemarko struggled to find contract DevOps engineers who could build Yukbid's infrastructure. After connecting with Handoyo, the CTO of Lyrid, he received consultation on using The Lyrid Platform to solve his dilemma. Using The Lyrid Platform, Soemarko deployed his application into the cloud in a matter of minutes. Instead of wasting time on infrastructure code, they now spend most of their time on application code while using Lyrid to automate the entire deployment process. Essentially, Lyrid helps Soemarko save time and resources while enabling him to accelerate Yukbid’s development cycle even more dramatically.

Lyrid Provides Time-Saving And Cost-Saving Support To Start-Ups. 

By deploying applications from our systems, Lyrid delays the need for startups like Yukbid to hire DevOps developers that will code their applications. This delay supports the startup financially since they will not need a sole developer to maintain and manage the code until their growth requires it. Because the deploying process is highly time-consuming and costly,  Lyrid’s code helps startups delay this expense and allows them to center their priorities adequately. 

“Handoyo and Lyrid’s team were there with us all the way, guiding both YukBid’s team and the third-party developers. We do not need to worry about the future because the technology used by Lyrid is considered advanced in Indonesia. If we do need to scale quickly, we are confident Lyrid can support that.”

Lyrid Maintains A Speedy Response Time For Global Clients.

Lyrid and Yukbid’s team have experienced delays in communication and planning due to the time zone differences between Indonesia and the United States. Regardless of the time zone difference, Lyrid cultivated a strong relationship with Yukbid through speedy responses and alignment on all projects and tasks.

Lyrid Implements Auto-Scaling Kubernetes Clusters For Clients.

With the help of Lyrid’s progressive and evolving development process, Yukbid plans to increase its total number of users to develop the platform further and increase sales. Lyrid enables Yukbid to achieve this goal by incorporating an auto-scaling cluster. Yukbid runs under our public cluster; therefore, Lyrid can help by increasing scaling as Yukbid’s platform expands and contracts based on growth.

Alongside the scaling benefits Lyrid provides, Lyrid is able to increase the platform's security by building on top of Kubernetes clusters. This protects the customer's platform from security breaches as Lyrid’s code already incorporates the safety features necessary during deployment as an additional layer of protection. Soemarko is confident that the partnership will help Yukbid scale its platform and security to a new level.

Lyrid’s Use Of Microservices Serves To Expand The Development Process.

Lyrid provides a series of microservices to facilitate the scaling and developing process. These microservices serve many benefits; to shorten deployment cycle times, make the scaling process independent by simplifying the process of updating codes, and accelerating time-to-market for new features.

CTO Soemarko recommends companies experiencing the same struggle as Yukbid’s try out Lyrid. He explains that “Although there may be a learning curve at the start of the process to build and deploy in Lyrid platform, the value proposition with multi-cloud flexibility and microservices in their pipeline makes us confident that Lyrid will be our partner for the foreseeable future when we do scale quickly.”

About Lyrid

Lyrid is a multi-cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that makes developing new cloud native solutions easier and more affordable. As a vendor-agnostic cloud platform, Lyrid utilizes data, machine learning and user policies to wrap, deploy and execute the applications seamlessly between all the public clouds. The Lyrid platform is available in free/hobbyist and Pro versions and is designed for organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. All users enjoy a variety of tools, data, analytics, redundancy and automation that make going to market globally with cloud native apps more efficient. With Lyrid, enterprises can innovate more affordably, increase cloud vendor flexibility, and test new ideas without disruption to their existing processes.

About Yukbid

Yukbid is an eBay-inspired marketplace that caters to the local Indonesian market. Keeping the entire merchant system local to the Indonesian company uses local logistics companies for shipments, accepts local payment methods, and exercises a haggling-style auction system similar to how Indonesians buy and sell goods in real life.

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