Lyrid Presents "Your Tech Matters": A Tech Community Gathering for Collaboration And Opportunities

Handoyo Sutanto
4 minutes
March 31th, 2023
Handoyo Sutanto
4 minutes
March 31th, 2023

Cultivating an Environment for Tech Enthusiasts

Jakarta, Indonesia - March 31, 2023 - (PT. Lyrid Teknologi Nusantara) hosted their inaugural event "Your Tech Matters" at Senorita Steak, Gandaria. The event aimed to create an ecosystem and community that connects technology companies in Indonesia to collaborate and connect with each other to create new opportunities.

The event received an overwhelming response and unparalleled enthusiasm from the technology business community in Indonesia. Hundreds of companies registered to participate in the event, but only 45 selected applicants were chosen by the Lyrid team to attend the first batch. Attendees were able to receive free dinner and prizes and had the opportunity to participate in games, networking, and a discussion and Q&A session with the Lyrid team.

With “Your Tech Matters” being the first in-person event of its kind for Lyrid, there were certainly challenges. Many sleepless nights were taken to fully flesh out the event, ensuring that everything from the food and venue to guest accommodations and the guest list itself were precise on the day of. The team at Lyrid is seeking feedback to improve their next event and ensure that it runs smoothly. 

"Your Tech Matters" marked the beginning of Lyrid's plan to hold regular events and gatherings like this to strengthen the technology ecosystem in Indonesia, looking to create an environment where innovators can easily receive support and access to different groundbreaking tech from like-minded individuals. The event was a great success and provided an opportunity for industry leaders to share their experiences, challenges, and solutions.

"We are thrilled to see such a positive response to our first event. We believe that technology has the power to transform Indonesia and we aim to create a strong and supportive community to drive innovation and growth," said Lyrid Director, Caca Cahyadi.

Lyrid's mission is to help build the next generation of Indonesian tech companies by fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. While “Your Tech Matters” is the first event of its kind for Lyrid, the team hopes to make this a monthly event- though extensive planning is underway.

The team thanks all everyone involved in the event; from registrants, to attendees, to vendors, and to the Lyrid Indonesia team for making “Your Tech Matters” an event to remember.  As the team at Lyrid puts it, “The hard work of the Lyrid team in preparing this community event was paid off by the extraordinary enthusiasm of the invitees who attended. Many came even beyond our expectations because this is the first batch of community events we have held. We are also very pleased with the feedback we received, where many participants were satisfied and hope to hold events like this more often.”

For more information about and future events, please visit their website at

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