Lyrid expands partner program offerings, turns hopeful eye towards global tech ecosystem

Tyler Au
5 mins
August 30th, 2023
Tyler Au
5 mins
August 30th, 2023

The Latest Push in Lyrid's Partner-First Strategy

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 22, 2023 - Cloud agnostic company Lyrid has been turning its focus towards the global tech ecosystem in 2023. With initiatives such as the Your Tech Matters community events in Indonesia and entrance into different global markets, Lyrid is creating the foundation for a global tech community. Their strongest push is with the expansion of their Partner Program.

Lyrid has expanded its partner offerings past data centers, creating new growth opportunities for partners interested in consulting, training, and technology. Looking to provide a fully customizable and scalable partnership experience, Lyrid hopes to give their partners a competitive advantage and a taste of multi-cloud infrastructure. 

Here’s a look into the partnerships that Lyrid has formed:

Consulting - Rapier Technology

Southeast Asia based software development company Rapier Technology was able to utilize the Lyrid platform and Lyrid services to offer their users a more cost efficient experience, without increasing their employee count.

Rapier Technology leverages the Lyrid platform and services to remove developmental barriers and cost-effectively service their users, cutting costs that would be incurred with utilization of different public clouds. Rapier Technology also removes the need to hire and learn Kubernetes for specific projects, while receiving the powerful benefits of Kubernetes.

Training - Temika (Studi DevSecOps)

By partnering with Lyrid, Southeast Asian e-learning company Studi DevSecOps is able to provide pro access at a subsidized cost to the Lyrid platform for their Lyrid-specific cohort. In addition, Lyrid engineers act as instructors for this specific course, adding a new revenue stream.

Currently, Studi DevSecOps courses are taught in Indonesia and in Indonesian. Lyrid plans to expand their course globally through internetwork distribution and in different languages. Lyrid hopes to expand their training offerings and make Kubernetes knowledge as widely available as possible, without the typical Kubernetes hoops to jump through.

Data Center - Biznet Gio

Lyrid’s partnership with Biznet Gio, Indonesia’s leading internet service provider, sees Biznet’s bare metal hardware being combined with Lyrid’s Kubernetes deployment and management software, with Biznet offering Lyrid’s platform to their customers. 

The partnership with Biznet Gio is focused on tapping into new customer bases while cultivating a global network of data centers, starting for a regional level and working up. This partnership also entails the increased sell and usage of physical hardware without having to increase company headspace. 

More details of Lyrid’s partnership with Biznet Gio Cloud can be found in a previous press release. 

Technology - P3iD Technologies

Based in the United States, P3iD Technologies provides secure hybrid document automation processing services, relying on the Lyrid platform for hosting serverless applications, storage capabilities, and multi cloud deployment. Removing vendor lock-in, P3iD Technologies is able to better manage their product and build their vision, at a fraction of the cost.

P3iD Technologies receives powerful Lyrid platform benefits and increased product and solution exposure via the Lyrid ecosystem. Lyrid technology partners are able to access different regions where they don’t have a huge presence yet, letting them reach prospects on a regional level through Lyrid sales representatives. Moving forward, Lyrid plans to expand their technology partner network, hoping to increase sales within their global ecosystem.

More details of Lyrid’s partnership with P3iD Technologies can be found in a previous press release.

Closing Remarks

Forming partnerships is integral to Lyrid’s global strategy, especially when it comes to creating and cultivating the support ecosystem they want. CEO of Lyrid, Handoyo Sutanto, had this to say about the importance of Lyrid's partner-first strategy:

"Strong relationships within businesses are pivotal to growth and success. We want to create an ecosystem of these relationships with companies eager to reshape the tech landscape for the better"

The Constellation Partner program is Lyrid's latest push in their partner-first strategy, with the four featured partnerships representing a handful of the partnerships that Lyrid has formed. With an eye towards growing and cultivating the global tech ecosystem, Lyrid is always looking for partners who are enthusiastic about growing tech on a global level.

To learn more about the Lyrid Constellation Partner program and get started, please visit

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